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Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Brittany Webb

Mrs. Webb's Story

Mrs. Brittany Webb teaches 3rd Grade math and science at Park Medical Academy, formerly known as Park Elementary school in EBR.  Mrs. Webb is a Baton Rouge native who is a product of EBRPSS Magnet program where she met her husband with whom she shares two children.  Mrs. Webb received a Bachelor of Science in Education from Southeastern Louisiana State University where she was mentored by outstanding professors who increased her thirst for building a student-driven, engaging, relatable, and challenging classroom environment. She graduated from Southeastern Cum Laude and received the Outstanding Early Childhood Education Award. Upon graduating, Webb began her career teaching for a low performing school, with the goal of providing students with a classroom environment that promoted the creation of life-long learners, through hands-on and real-world learning experiences through an incorporation of STEM instruction.  Mrs. Webb serves as an active leadership team member as well as mentors incoming teachers as they make their transition into the classroom.  This year, she has taken on an additional role as serving as one of the head coaches for Park Medical Academy’s cheerleading team.  Mrs. Webb hopes to continue to cultivate a learning environment that embraces a STEM culture and makes connections between community and across all content areas.

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