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NBC Local 33 News Presents Mrs. Harris with the Extraordinary Educator of the Month!

EBR Schools congratulates Park Medical Academy seventh-grade science teacher Angel Harris, who will be featured Monday night on NBC Local 33 News and Fox 44 News as an Extraordinary Educator of the Month. "Relationships start from home, with the parent to teacher, from admin to everybody in the community working together. It makes me feel good when they're able to trust me. They trust me every day to keep them safe. They trust me every day to give them the knowledge they need to move forward to the next level, and when they do that, then they have opportunity to give back to me because they trust me," Harris said. A Scotlandville native, Harris is a graduate of Central High School. In 1996, Harris earned a biology degree from Southern University with a concentration in microbiology. She has been teaching at Park for three years and 15 years overall. The segment on Harris will air TODAY at 9 p.m. on Fox 44 and at 10 p.m. on NBC Local 33.

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